Fire Afoot: Dealing With Erythromelalgia

Do your feet ever suddenly feel like they are on fire? You could have a rare condition known as erythromelalgia. Here's what you need to know about this infrequent but painful condition. What Are The Symptoms? One or both feet will feel extremely hot. The skin will not only feel like it is burning, it will look red as well. It can also feet hot to the touch. The pain may come and go, or it may be constant.

2 Drug Abuse Treatment Options

When you feel that you are ready to get some help with your substance use and abuse, there are several ways that you can do it. That allows you to look around and find an option or combination of options that can help you fight your substance abuse problems and come out healthy the other side.  12 Step Programs There are a variety of 12 step programs out there. The groups can specialize in working with different categories of addicts, such as alcoholics, people who use narcotics, or gamblers.

Don't 'Walk It Off': 4 Common Walking Injuries And How To Treat Them

Choosing walking as your daily exercise is often a safe and enjoyable alternative to stressful workouts. However, even as comfortable as walking can be, it can still cause pain and other problems in your feet and lower legs. Here are the 4 most common injuries and causes of pain for avid walkers -- as well as what to do about them.  Shin Splints What is it? Shin splints commonly cause stiffness or soreness in the shins (the front of your lower leg).

Becoming An Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational therapist jobs are projected to grow by 29% through the year 2022.  This growth is above average compared to the predicted growth of other professions.  What is the Difference Between an Occupational Therapist and a Physical Therapist? It is easy for some people to confuse the professions of occupational therapist and physical therapist.

What You Can Do To Prevent Glaucoma Disease

Your eyes' optic nerve conveys images from the retina of your eye to your brain, and this activity enables you to see. When eye pressure damages nerve fibers that lie within the optic nerve, the damaged nerve fibers cause you to develop blind spots in your eyes' field of vision. The combined visual loss and nerve damage generally result in blindness when the optic nerve becomes completely destroyed. You can avoid glaucoma disease by recognizing glaucoma signs and symptoms.

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Home Caregiver For Your Parents

If you are considering hiring a home caregiver for your parents, the right path may not be evident at first. After you review the benefits of home caregivers, what you discover may sway your decision. A home caregiver will provide your parents with companionship. Therefore, you could ensure that someone will be near when you cannot. Here are five of the benefits of hiring a home caregiver for your parents.