The Top Tips For An Easy Colonoscopy Procedure Prep

What do you need to know about the colonoscopy procedure prep steps? Your colon inspection procedure is coming up. But you have questions about the prep. Take a look at the top tips for making your colonoscopy prep as easy and as effective as possible.

Do Talk To Your Doctor

Does the doctor have special instructions or want you to make dietary/medication changes before your procedure or prep? Every patient is an individual. This means every patient also has individual overall medical and colonoscopy prep needs. While there are general prep step tips that can make the process easier, start with recommendations and directions that are specifically tailored to your situation.

Don't Eat Everything

More specifically, don't eat everything that you normally would in the days or the week leading up to your colonoscopy procedure prep. Avoid high-fiber foods to maximize the prep results and make the process easier. 

Even though these foods are typically healthy, fiber-filled foods can remain undigested in the intestines. These foods linger, making it less likely that the prep will completely clear your colon. Leftover food/stool in your colon can make it difficult for the doctor to examine the intestine. If the doctor can't see your intestine clearly they may need to repeat the procedure.

High-fiber foods to avoid include whole grain bread and cereal, raw or fresh vegetables and fruits, fruit juices (especially those with pulp), brown/wild rice, nuts and seeds, granola, dried beans, dried fruit, and potatoes with the skin on. 

Low-fiber options include soup broth, milk, yogurt, low-fiber cereal (such as puffed rice), white rice, white bread, lean meats (chicken, turkey, or fish), eggs, tofu, applesauce, cooked fruit (without seeds or skin), and canned/cooked vegetables such as carrots or mushrooms (without skin). 

Do Avoid Some Food Coloring 

Gelatin, popsicles, soda, and some juices are popular prep-time food choices. Even though these may not have a high amount of fiber and can help to make the prep medication more palatable, they can interfere with the procedure. Avoid foods and beverages with red, purple, or blue dyes.

Don't Schedule Anything Important On Your Prep Day

The colonoscopy prep medication will clear out your GI tract. The laxative effect makes it necessary to stay close to a restroom for the entire prep process. Make a plan to stay home during this time. If you usually care for young children or have other at-home obligations, ask someone else to help out when you prepare for your procedure.

Do Make the Prep As Palatable As Possible

There are several different colonoscopy prep products and methods available. The specific one you use depends on your doctor's preferences and recommendations. If you find the prep product difficult to drink, chill the liquid, ask if you can mix it with another beverage (such as a juice, soda, or lemonade drink), or sip it with a straw.  

For more information about colonoscopy procedures, contact a local professional.