CPR And First Aid Training

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can save the life of an adult, a teen, or a child who is in distress. This type of training is vital to anyone who works in an industry that caters to a lot of people. The training can also be an asset to those who work in high-risk situations where someone could easily become distressed.

Online Skills

There are some courses that the American Heart Association offers that can be conducted entirely online. The skills covered will include how to respond to someone who is in distress, the signs to look for when treating someone, and the proper hand movements to use when administering CPR. There are some courses that focus solely on CPR and some that may include first aid too.

An online skills training session will not prove that someone is proficient in administering CPR or first aid. For this reason, an online course may not provide the certification that an employer may require. Before signing up for an online course, an individual should consult with their employer, to determine if a remote course will satisfy the training requirements that an employer has mandated.

In-Person Training

An in-person training course will offer demonstrations that will depict the proper way to administer CPR and first aid. An employer can contact a representative of the American Heart Association and request a schedule of courses that will be offered in a particular region. If the course schedule does not meet the needs of the employer or if the employer would like their employees to participate in a small training session, they can request information about participating in onsite training sessions.

With this type of training, an instructor will perform the training at a place of business or another place that has been selected. Anyone who will be mandated to take this type of course will be provided with a training schedule. CPR and first aid training usually requires that each student is given a book that covers the material that an instructor will be teaching.

A participant of the training can review the course material at their leisure. This will prepare them for each class session. An instructor may go over a single chapter during a class session. Afterward, they may request that the students study the material that was introduced. Before a student is certified in CPR or first aid, they will need to pass a skills training test.

For more information on American Heart Association CPR certification, contact a training course in your area.