Using Stem Cell Treatments for Your Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee problems can be so significant that they negatively impact your quality of life by causing intense pain and mobility issues. For patients that are suffering from this problem, stem cell treatments may be an option that can provide relief from these symptoms.

Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatments Are Minimally Invasive

Some people may assume that the only option for treating their knee pain is to undergo invasive surgical procedures. However, stem cell treatments can be a minimally invasive solution for your knee pain. During the course of these treatments, a series of injections are made to the knee. This can allow a person to avoid the lengthy recovery period that more traditional knee surgery options can require.

Stem Cell Treatments Offer Permanent Improvements for a Variety Of Chronic Knee Problems

Unlike many other injection-based knee treatments, stem cell procedures can offer permanent benefits to the patient. When using this option, the stem cells will help to stimulate and promote the healing process so that the patient can experience a permanent reduction in the severity of their symptoms. Unfortunately, the effects of these treatments can be limited, and patients that have suffered severe damage to their knee may not be good candidates for this procedure. These patients may have no other choice than to undergo more traditional knee surgery procedures. However, there are minimally invasive options that they may be able to use to find relief from their chronic knee pain.

Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatments Can Take Some Time to Show Results

While stem cell treatments for chronic knee pain can offer permanent benefits for many patients, these benefits may not occur immediately. Rather, it can take several weeks or longer before a patient sees the full benefits of these treatments. This is unavoidable as this treatment takes time to enhance the body's natural regenerative qualities to help address the knee issue. A common example of this can work is those that are using these injections for arthritis symptoms in their knees. For these individuals, these treatments can encourage the development of cartridges, which can drastically reduce the severity of the symptoms that they are experiencing. Depending on the issue you are needing to address, it is likely that several stem cell injection treatments may be needed. These multiple treatments are likely to be spread out over a period of time to allow the results of the previous treatment to be accurately assessed as this can allow the next treatment to be better targeted.

If you have any questions about knee pain stem cell therapy, contact your physician.