How Can Doctors Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that some men will face during their lives. Erectile dysfunction affects men's ability to get an erection or maintain their erection for long enough to have sex. Men can experience varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, but all ED can have a negative impact on men's lives. Fortunately, ED treatments can help men regain their sexual function so that they can have fulfilling sex lives once more. Here are some ways that doctors can treat ED:

1. Disease Management

Erections are caused by blood flow. When men become aroused, blood flows into their penis, which becomes engorged. This means that poor circulation can result in ED. Some health conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, can interfere with your body's circulation, causing ED. Doctors can treat your ED by helping you manage other conditions. Getting your blood sugar levels and blood pressure under control can allow your body to get and maintain erections once more.

2. Hormone Therapy

Testosterone is an androgen that allows men's bodies to regulate their reproductive systems. As men age, their testosterone levels naturally fall. Low testosterone can be linked with depression, fatigue, and decreased muscle mass in addition to ED. Your doctor can test your hormone levels if they believe you are suffering from low testosterone. Hormone therapy can help you elevate your testosterone back to optimal levels. Men who undergo hormone therapy often see an improvement in their ED symptoms.

3. Medication Adjustment

In some cases, your ED may be a side effect of a medication that you are taking. Certain medications are more likely to cause sexual side effects than others, such as some types of antidepressants. If your doctor believes that one of your prescriptions is causing your sexual issues, then they may switch you to a different medication or a lower dose to see if that resolves your problem.

4. Counseling

Not all cases of ED are caused by physical concerns. Sometimes ED can be caused by stress or negative emotions. It is normal for some men to experience problems maintaining erections following traumatic events or losses. Once your doctor has ruled out physical causes for your ED, they may suggest that you see a counselor. A counselor can help you work through anything that is troubling you. As you resolve your emotional and mental issues, you may find that your ED gradually abates as well.