Why Midwives Are Becoming So Important In America

Traditionally in America, most pregnancies are dealt with by OBGYN professionals in a hospital setting. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the developed and even the developing world, where midwives play a crucial role in almost all births. Luckily, this approach is changing in America as more and more people start to see the benefits of midwife services in achieving a healthy and happy baby and family. So what does a midwife actually do that helps increase your odds of a better experience? Here are a few reasons why midwife services are so vital.

A Trusted Confidant

Unlike other medical professionals who will see you before and during the birth, a midwife is much more personable and there to listen to you and help get what you want. They are on your side from the beginning to the end and help make sure that if you have any specific conditions, such as how you want to deliver, what sort of drugs you don't want to use, and so on, you get exactly what you want. They are trained medical professionals as well, so they will advise you on what avenues to take, but they also will respect your wishes and give you more precise control over your birth.

Trained Medical Professional

Midwife services are not just limited to being an experienced friend in a time of need, but they also help manage the medical aspect of your pregnancy. From planning out how the day will go (if you want a homebirth or so on) to making sure all of your pre-delivery scans and tests are looking good, they will be as well informed, if not better informed, than any other medical professional you will see. This helps them argue more strongly on your behalf should any conflicts arise, and it also helps them monitor your health far better.

Better Treatment For Minorities

Midwife services are often most used by minorities because they offer more personalized and supportive care, something that not all of these women get in traditional hospitals. Finding a midwife that you trust and that you want to be around during the most intense moment of your life is even more important for women in minority groups, as the last thing you want to have to deal with on the day of a birth is fighting for your voice to be heard. A midwife is always going to back you up, and often they have seen patients like you a hundred times before, so they know exactly how to handle things. 

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