Physical Therapy After Your Knee Replacement Surgery

As you are preparing for your upcoming knee replacement surgery, maybe you have attended classes that will help you better prepare for what is ahead of you. You were more than likely told that you would be walking the very day of your surgery, and that physical therapy would be started soon after, too. If you are wanting to know more about that physical therapy, you've come to the right place for information and for inspiration.

You will probably sail through your surgery just great because of the excellent pain medication you'll receive. Maybe your doctor has suggested that you take pain medication prior to any physical therapy you will receive. That might be some of the best advice you will ever receive during your recovery period. 

Remember that your physical therapist has the training and the experience to know how to help you to progress after your surgery. At first, the therapist will more than likely go to your home to teach you the therapy exercises. You will be asked some of the same questions that you answered before your surgery. For instance, the therapist will want to know the intensity of your pain on a scale from one to ten. Be very frank with the therapist. Knowing your pain level will help the physical therapist know how to proceed with the therapy. You will probably be asked how often you are taking your pain medication and if you feel that it is helping you.

At first, the therapist will probably go to your house three times a week. The goal is, of course, to get your new knee to work well for you. Just know that there will be pain. You might even want to put an inspirational sign in the area where you'll be doing the therapy. That sign might say something like, I Can Do Hard Things! 

Even though the therapist isn't with you every day, you will still be encouraged to do your physical therapy exercises consistently. Eventually, you will probably be asked to go to the physical therapy facility. The therapists there will become some of your best cheerleaders. You will do things like riding a stationery bike and other exercises that promote movement in your knee. 

After you have met certain requirements, you will be released from actually going to the physical therapy facility. However, you will be encouraged to do your physical therapy exercises every single day for literally months, or until you feel that your knee is functioning the way it is supposed to. Just remember that the key words in your healing are: CouragePatience and Consistency.