Protecting Your Job & Finances While In Drug Addiction Treatment

Entering drug addiction treatment is a huge step to take. While there is no predetermined length of time for treatment, the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that participation in drug addiction treatment should be at least 90 days in order for the treatment to be effective. For most people, the prospect of leaving their jobs and families for three months is overwhelming.

However, not getting treatment can be devastating. If you need to enter an inpatient drug addiction treatment program like Comfort Recovery LLC, you'll want to reduce as many distractions as you can so you don't feel overwhelmed when your life is essentially put on hold while you get treatment. Here's what to do. 

Tell Your Employer 

One of your biggest concerns is probably the thought of losing your job. Don't be worried. As long as you meet the criteria, your job will be protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for a period of 12 weeks. You are also protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act if your employer decides to fire you for going into rehab because the ADA considers chemical dependency a disability. Inform your employer. If he or she has a problem with your status, speak with your treatment center enrollment counselor to advocate for you. 

Prepare Your Finances 

Your financial situation is probably another area of huge concern that may be holding you back from getting treatment. While your job will be protected for 12 weeks, it will be unpaid leave. If you have enough money in savings to pay bills while you are in treatment, transfer money to your checking account and set up automatic bill pay for the duration of your treatment. 

If you don't have the finances to cover bills while you are in treatment, find out if any of your bills can be temporarily suspended while you are in treatment, such as your cable bill and cell phone service bill. If you live alone, contact your utility companies and inform them that you will not need service for the length of the treatment program. If it's necessary to keep a utility on and you won't have the financial means to pay for the service, ask the provider to set up a payment plan to begin after you've been discharged from the treatment facility. 

In conclusion, doing these critical things to preserve your job and prepare your finances will help you to focus on your drug addiction treatment.