3 Common Types Of Physical Therapy For Neck Pain

Neck pain can be one of the most bothersome and disruptive physical ailments a person can face, and, unfortunately, the problem is quite common. Neck pain can stem from anything from sleeping in an improper position and poor posture to automobile accidents that cause a sudden jolt to the upper spinal column. If you have neck pain and visit a doctor, there is a pretty good chance that they will recommend you get some level of physical therapy. Take a look at some of the common physical therapy exercises and processes that may be used during your treatment to help alleviate neck pain. 

Neck Stretching 

In a lot of cases, when you have severe neck pain, the muscles in your neck tighten up and contract, which can limit your neck mobility and cause discomfort. During physical therapy to alleviate neck pain, the professional will spend a lot of time trying to help you relax the stresses and contracted neck muscles. They will do this through varied types of neck stretches and specific movements that encourage the neck muscles to loosen up. For example, rolling the head in a circular motion all the way around helps to stretch different muscle groups in the neck so that they will feel less tense. 

Neck Muscle Building Exercises 

Building muscles in your neck can discourage neck pain because the pain can stem from specific weaker muscle groups that are having a hard time supporting the weight of your head. Neck muscle building exercises that are done during physical therapy are not going to be strenuous; they are designed to gently encourage new muscle strength development through repetitive motions and activities. You may be given small weights to lift with your neck by moving your head in certain directions, for example. 

Core Strengthening Exercises

Believe it or not, if the core of your body is weak, it can put more stress on the neck and upper back. Therefore, it is not uncommon in physical therapy for neck pain to include some form of core-strengthening exercise. Core-strengthening exercise can come in different forms, but some of the most common include things like incremental balancing on an exercise ball or planking. Even though these exercises target the muscles of the core, such as your abdominals, the built-up strength can help take pressure off of your spinal column so that the strained muscles in your neck can heal faster. 

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