How To Tell That Your Kids LOVE Their Doctor

Kids are funny people. They are honest about who they like and who they do not like, and will even give you reasons why if they are verbal and you ask them. Take pediatricians, for example. There are just some pediatricians that children ADORE. If these same pediatricians did not become pediatricians, they could just as easily have become those teachers that kids love. If you want to know if you have one of those pediatricians, and you want to know if your children love their doctor, here are some funny, but typical, signs that show just that.

Your Kids Are Excited about Going to Their Doctor, Even When They Are Sick

Funny, but true; a pediatrician that children love is the kind that makes them excited about going to the doctor's office. They want to see their doctor, talk to their doctor, show their doctor all kinds of stuff, etc.. The best part is, your kids' pediatrician seems equally pleased to see them and is attentive and in tune with them no matter what the situation or conversation.

One or More of Your Children Makes up Illnesses to See the Doctor

You think you have a young hypochondriac on your hands, with the number of complaints and times you are visiting the pediatrician. The truth is, this child (or children) has developed a unique connection and deep fondness for the pediatrician. That speaks volumes for the doctor, but you should also be careful about encouraging this behavior.

Giving into it regularly only encourages the child to pretend sick or injured more often. Your pediatrician would probably recommend the "wait and see" game, which involves telling your child to wait and see if something still hurts or wait and see if he/she still feels sick on the next day. You can be pleased that your pediatrician and your child have a good patient/doctor relationship, but it must be tempered so that you are not interrupting your schedule every other day with drives to the doctor's office.

Your Children Draw Pictures, Send Cards, or Bring Gifts to Appointments

This is the surest sign of all that your kids really adore their doctor. In fact, you know that this is how much they really love anyone. They want to show their affection by giving something, often something they made, to the person or persons they like. It also means that you are doing great as a parent!

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