3 Reasons To See A Gynecologist

Going to the OBGYN is very important. There are many women who put off seeing a doctor because they feel it is an inconvenience, but when you understand how important it is and how it can prevent serious problems, you will see that you must go. Here are some circumstances where you should see a gynecologist.

1. You Suspect You Might Be Pregnant

Anytime that you suspect you might be pregnant, you need to make sure that you see a qualified doctor for an exam. In some cases it may seem cut and dry that you are pregnant, for instance, you may take an at home pregnancy test and it gives you a positive. But what you may not understand is that the hormones that mimic pregnancy can mean other things as well. Additionally, if you are pregnant you need to have an exam early on to make sure that there are no complications. In the majority of cases people are safe when they become pregnant, but there are complications and if they are not caught early they can become serious for both the mother and the baby.

2. You Haven't Seen The Doctor In Over A Year

Another reason you need to see the doctor is for your yearly gyn exams. Depending on your age will determine how often you really should be seeing the doctor. For example, you need to get a pap smear to detect any abnormalities. This will be an early indication for cervical cancer. Additionally, you should be getting mammograms that will help to show if you are at risk for breast cancer.

What many women think is that they are fine, because they don't have any symptoms, so they avoid going to the doctor, but realistically they are not fine and if they could have caught the cancer early it would have be treatable and less of a risk. This is why you should always stay on top of your appointments.

3. You Are Reacting to Birth Control

Lastly, a doctor can help you with your birth control. In most cases women have no problem with birth control, but since it does affect your hormones in your body, it is so important that you make sure your body is handling the birth control well. If you continue to use birth control that is not right for you body is can cause long-term problems.

These are just 3 reasons to see a gynecologist.