What To Take To The Cancer Treatment Clinic When You Have Chemotherapy

Going for your first chemotherapy treatment is a stressful and scary experience. Chemotherapy is never fun, but when you don't know what to expect, it can be frightening. The reality is that the treatments can be long and boring. You'll want to take along some supplies to keep your mind occupied so you don't stress and worry the entire time. Here are some suggestions for things to take with you to the cancer clinic when you have your chemotherapy treatments:

A Tablet Or Laptop With Headphones

Load up your device with games you like to play such as solitaire and puzzles. Also, create a playlist of uplifting songs you can listen to with your headphones. The headphones keep you from bothering others at the clinic and they help drown out the beeping and other noises you'll hear during your treatments. You may also want to load your device with guided meditation and visualization programs to program your mind for tranquility and better health. You can even bring along movies you've been wanting to watch but never had time for. There are many things you can do with a laptop or tablet that will keep your mind occupied and make the time go faster even if it's just reading email and surfing the web.

Snacks And Drinks

While you might be offered food and snacks at the cancer clinic, you may prefer to bring your own with you so you'll have your favorites to nibble on for comfort food. Healthy snacks keep hunger at bay and they provide the nutritional boost you need during chemotherapy. An assortment of snacks and drinks can also help keep boredom away by giving you something to do. You may also want to pack some gum or hard candy in case you develop a dry mouth during your treatments. Ginger candies may help with nausea.

Warm And Comfortable Clothes

Since you'll be stretched out in a recliner for quite a while, you want to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You'll probably get cold during the treatment, so even if it is hot outside, you may want to bring heavy socks and wear sweat pants. The cancer clinic will provide you with a blanket if you need one, but you might want to bring your favorite plush blanket or throw from home to keep you warm and surrounded by familiar things.

Once you've been through your first few cancer treatments, you'll be a pro at what to bring to the clinic with you. While everything you'll need is available at the clinic, it will probably make you feel more in control and a little better when you have your own supplies that make you feel at home.

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