A Few Options For Breast Reconstruction

Having breast cancer is something no woman should have to go through. You are not only physically ill, you also have the emotional and mental issues to get through. When the treatment for the cancer involves a mastectomy, all the problems multiply. While not physically necessary, having breast reconstruction may be one way to help you heal mentally and emotionally. Before you decide to have the procedure done, you need to discuss the different options available. Talk with the surgeon who will be performing the reconstruction; he or she should be able to offer you the following options.


Breast implants for reconstruction are done differently than those done for cosmetic reasons. First, expanders will need to be placed under the skin to make room for the implants. These expanders are filled with a gel or saline, with more being added about once a week until the desired size is reached. After the skin has stretched the proper amount, the expander is removed and a permanent implant is put in. During the expansion process, you may feel some pain. While this type of reconstruction is the most commonly used method, it is not the only one and not necessarily the best.


In this procedure, fat is removed from your abdomen or thighs and formed to the shape of breasts. It is then inserted under the skin, over the breast area. This procedure does not require any expanders to be placed. You will have new scars where the flap was cut and also one where the fat is removed.


Regeneration involves stretching the skin by suction to create room for fat tissue to be injected. You will wear the suction devices under a bra all the time to start the process. As the tissue expands, it will be filled with saline to keep its stretch and a deeper cup worn until the desired size is achieved. Once the skin has stretched enough, fat tissue will be removed by liposuction from areas such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. The saline solution is drawn out with a needle and the fat injected to take its place.

Not all reconstructive surgeons will perform all the procedures above. It is important that you discuss each technique and decide on the one you are most comfortable with having. If the doctor you talk to cannot do the one you want, it is your right to choose another surgeon. You deserve to have the type of breast regeneration you want. Contact a professional like Sam W Huddleston IV, MD to learn more.