Tips For Dealing With Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

If your doctor has suggested that you undergo surgery to treat your carpal tunnel symptoms, it is important that you're prepared for the recovery process. The more you understand ahead of time, the easier the recovery is likely to be. Here are a few things that you can do in the days after your surgery to help facilitate your recovery process.

Be Proactive About Inflammation Treatment

When you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you already struggle with some inflammation in your hand and wrist. You may find yourself surprised to struggle with inflammation again after the surgery is over. Inflammation is a common response after surgery because the tissue in that area is going to be irritated as it heals.

Your doctor will likely prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to help you manage that discomfort. You may also receive some instructions to use heat and ice alternately to help manage the pain and inflammation as you're recovering. Follow those recommendations closely so that you can keep the inflammation minimized as best as possible.

Moderate Your Activity Levels

When your body is focused on healing, it will direct most of the attention of your nervous system to that area. That means that you're going to want to moderate your activity some in the weeks following your surgery. Remember that overdoing it is a common cause of more inflammation, so keep that in mind and don't push your body further than it can handle.

You'll want to keep your hand and wrist immobilized for a couple of days right after the surgery. That allows the shock of surgery to pass. Then, follow the physical therapy recommendations from your hand surgeon to start working those muscles. If you start to feel pain and worsening discomfort, stop and call the doctor. He or she may suggest that you go back a stage in the therapy steps.

Wear The Brace At All Times

When you make the transition from the cast after surgery, you'll be put into a brace that supports both your hand and your wrist. Don't take the brace off before your doctor recommends it, because the muscle tissue may not be ready to bear that weight on its own yet.

Don't let carpal tunnel continue to interfere with your daily life. With these tips, you can be better prepared to deal with the days and weeks after your hand surgery. Talk with a hand surgeon today to find out what the options are for surgical intervention and recovery. For more information, check out sites like