Get Down With Your Healthy Self: 3 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

If you're looking to lose some weight, you're not alone; 54% of Americans are trying the same thing. But how do you know what you should eat, absent a detailed meal plan from your doctor? If you're looking for a few staples that can help you drop some pounds, then here's what you need to know.

Steel Cut Oats

You might be used to the regular rolled oatmeal being touted as a reliable way to lose weight, but its less-processed, more toothsome cousin – often referred to as steel cut or Irish oats – is even better for you. Containing more fiber and more protein than rolled oats, steel cut oats will keep you more full for a longer period of time, and can help decrease your odds of developing diabetes and other glycemic-related conditions. If you find yourself continuously iron-deprived, steel cut oats can give you 20% of your recommended serving in just ¼ of a cup.

You'll have to, like on any diet, watch the toppings you put on the oats, but so long as you keep it reasonable (such as nuts, berries, or even a splash of vanilla added to the pot), eating steel cut oats throughout your week should help you to lose weight.


An oft-maligned food, eggs have once again won over dieticians who say that eggs are one of the best foods you can include in a meal. Eggs supply vitamins and minerals crucial to bodily health, including choline, which helps brain development and regulates your metabolism (and is a nutrient most Americans are heavily deficient in).

If you can't stand fried or scrambled eggs, try mixing it up – hard (or medium, or soft) boiled eggs, egg salad, and deviled eggs (among many others) are all good ways to incorporate eggs into your diet without getting bored.


The priciest food on the list (though still relatively cheap), avocados do so much for you at once that you'll wonder why you haven't included them in your diet plan before now. Not only do they contain heart-healthy fat, but they also pack a whopping 12-14 grams of fiber per whole fruit, helping you to stay satiated longer and cutting down on the number of sugary snacks you'd otherwise splurge on.

There are hundreds of ways to use avocado in dishes (such as adding it to any salad, making up most of guacamole, or even using it in a tomatillo dressing to make it a little creamier), but all of them will help you to lose weight while eating delicious food. Talk to a weight loss professional, like In Shape MD, for more help.