Suffer a Back Injury? Changes to Make in Your Home During Recovery

If you have recently suffered a serious back injury that you are now going to be affected with for the long-term, then it's important for you to make changes to your home that accommodate your condition. The sooner you get your house set up to cater to your physical needs, the more comfortable you will be in it and the less risk of further injury you will have. Consider some of the additions and changes detailed below.

Make some changes to your bathroom

Installing a walk in tub in the bathroom can help to make your bathing experience both safer and more comfortable. These tubs come with doors in the side for you to walk right into, that seal the water completely in the tub area when closed. They also have large, comfortable seats with a non-slip texture that are raised, so you don't have to struggle to sit way down at ground-level. There are also added features to help create a bathing experience that is convenient and relaxing, such as a handheld massaging device, a seat warmer and jets.

Consider a stair lift for a two-storey residence

If you have a two-storey home, then your injury may have left you confined to main floor of your home. This will significantly hinder your ability to enjoy your home, as well as your freedom. A stair lift can be the solution to the problem, allowing you to go up and down the stairs while you are safely sitting in the seat.

You should also get yourself a comfortable lift chair that helps you with getting up by gently lifting you into a position you can stand right out of. When you sit in this chair, it will be comfortable and support you in all the right places.

Replace a soft mattress with a firmer one

When you have a bad back, a soft mattress can make the situation worse. A soft mattress allows your spine to curve in an unnatural manner and when you sleep like this for hours during the night, it can bring on much more pain and stiffness. Switching to a firm mattress will help to keep your spine properly aligned, so you wake up feeling refreshed and with less pain. If you find you have a hard time moving around in your bed due to your injury, you may even want to consider a medical bed with a rising head end, so you can get out of bed easier.

Have a walk-in tub installed in the bathroom

Replacing your tub with a walk-in tub will allow you to take a bath while sitting in a comfortable seat. You will also be able to enjoy other benefits, such as the handheld showerhead and the jets that blow out flows of water to give you a massage feeling that will help relax you.