How To Save Money On Medical Supplies For Your Elderly Parent

If you help take care of your elderly parent, you might have realized that buying medical supplies for elderly people can get extremely expensive. It's true that medical supplies can be costly, but there is also a chance that you and your elderly parent are paying too much. These are a few of the ways that you can save money on medical supplies for your parent.

Sign Up for Medicare Part D

If your parent does not already have Medicare Part D, you should find out if he or she qualifies. Along with paying for prescription drugs, it also helps cover other essentials.

Buy from a Medical Supply Store

You don't have to buy everything from a local pharmacy. Consider getting online and checking out the selection at a medical supply store, which will focus more on selling these items rather than having an emphasis on medication. Compare pricing between medical supply stores and pharmacies to get the best deal.

Buy Necessities in Bulk

There are probably some supplies that you use constantly when taking care of your elderly parent, such as testing strips for diabetes or bandages. Try ordering these often-used items in bulk. The cost might be higher at first, but your parent will have a stockpile of necessities, and you'll surely save on the cost per item plus delivery costs.

Join Your Pharmacy's Loyalty Club

Do you have a favorite pharmacy that you use to purchase items for your loved one? If so, ask if there is a loyalty club available. These clubs often allow you to take advantage of coupons or other savings on both prescription medication and medical supplies.

Look for Local Programs

There may be programs in your local area that will help your elderly parent pay for medical supplies, such as diabetes testing supplies. Ask your loved one's doctor about these options, or contact your local health department to find out more.

Talk to Your Parent's Physician

Have a discussion with your elderly parent's physician. Let him or her know that the medical supplies and care are getting costly. The doctor should be able to help with samples or lower-cost options.

As you can see, you don't have to continue to suffer from the burden of costly medical supplies for your loved one. If you follow these simple tips, you're sure to find more affordable alternatives that can help you and your elderly parent save money.