3 Smart Tips For Tolerating The Colonoscopy Prep Solution

When it comes to a colonoscopy, the procedure is the easy part. You will need to steel yourself for some heavy lifting, however, during the prep process. To adequately prep for the colonoscopy, you must completely eliminate all waste resting in your intestines. This feat is achieved using a strong prep solution that you must drink over a twelve-hour period before your scheduled procedure time. Although the prep solution is unpleasant, you can minimize its taste and texture with the following tips.  

Add Flavor Crystals

Modern colonoscopy prep products can often be mixed with approved flavor crystals normally used to make lemonade. You can only use lemonade flavor due to its lack of dark red or blue dyes. The lemonade flavor will help cover up the odd taste of the prep solution, making it easier to drink rapidly within the given time frame.

Chill in the Fridge

Even with lemonade flavor added, you will likely continue to find the prep solution unpalatable.However, extremely cold temperatures also help mask the unappetizing flavor and chalky texture of this prep drink.  Although you cannot add ice directly to your jug or glass of prep solution, you should try to chill it in the freezer or a cooler full of ice before you start drinking it. Keep it cool by returning the jug to the cooling station after pouring each eight-ounce glass of the solution.

Drink with a Straw

If you still find the solution too unpleasant to consume within the given timing guidelines, you may need to utilize a large diameter straw to keep the solution from sliding across the taste buds on your tongue. Position the straw near the back of your throat and quickly gulp the solution down. Since you will need to finish each half of the jug within two hours, it is wise to drink down each glass as quickly as possible. You may need to wait a few minutes between glasses to allow the nausea to pass before starting anew on the next dose.

To avoid having to repeat the colonoscopy prep process, closely follow the consumption timing guidelines for the prep solution. The closely timed consumption intervals give the solution time to quickly flush waste out of your body to reveal the tissue making up the walls of your intestines. With your body fully prepped, your specialist can obtain the images needed to make a positive diagnosis and create a treatment plan for your condition. For more information, talk to a professional like Lincoln Surgical Group PC.