3 Signs That You Have A Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are very common. Many people get sinus infections year round. You can get them in the winter or you can get them in the summer. This is why it is important that you know what to look for in a sinus infection so that you can treat it before it gets too bad. Here are 3 signs of a sinus infection.

1. Tooth Pain

Many people who get sinus infections complain about tooth pain. In fact, it may feel like you have severe tooth pain in multiple teeth. If you have tooth decay that is causing pain, like you need a root canal, you will only feel the pain in one tooth. You might notice that one tooth is hurting you more than the others. With a sinus infection the pain is different. Instead of just one tooth, it may feel like multiple teeth in a row need dental care.

This is because the inflammation of the sinuses pushes on the nerves in the mouth. This means that you might feel pain on the entire side of your mouth. If this is the case for you, you might want to see a doctor before you see a dentist to rule out a sinus infection.

2. Localized Headache

Another common sign of a sinus infection is a localized headache. Because the sinuses are inflamed it will cause you to feel a pain in the front of your forehead. In addition, you might feel the pain around your nose.

When you get a cold, the sinuses drain and you get a runny nose. With a sinus infection you don't drain the mucous. This means that you probably won't have a runny nose. Instead, all of the mucous will get stuck in the upper sinuses causes a horrible headache around your forehead.

3. Sore Cheeks

If you have a sinus infection you might feel like you have been kicked or punched in the face. Even laying down on a pillow might hurt. This is because, much like the headache your sinuses are clogged and are not draining. This will mean that you will have pain in the cheeks.

In addition, your face may feel tender to the touch. Putting on makeup, washing your face, or another kind of touch may be incredibly painful. If you haven't had some sort of trauma to your face, but feel like you are bruised and pained, you might have a sinus infection.

These are just three signs of a sinus infection. If you suspect you have a problem seek medical attention from places like Sinus Center-Idaho.