Common MRI Questions You May Need Answered

Many of the greatest advancements in medicine have stemmed from the development of new diagnostic tools to help doctors identify and treat their patients' problems. In particular, the MRI has revolutionized the way that internal medicine is practiced because it allows the doctor to see a highly detailed internal image of the patient. However, if you have never been through an MRI scan, there are likely some questions you have before your appointment for the scan.  

How Long Will You Need To Be In The MRI?

Some people are under the impression that an MRI scan will take several hours to complete, and they will be in a confined space for this entire time. Not surprisingly, this is unlikely to sound appealing to almost anyone. Luckily, these scans are usually relatively quick.

Most patients will find that their MRI scan only takes a few minutes to complete. However, it should be noted that you will likely be at the hospital or testing facility for at least a couple of hours. This time is needed for you to complete the required paperwork and for the dye used for MRI scans to circulate throughout your body. 

What If You Have Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia makes it extremely unsettling for individuals to be in confined spaces. However, the important information that these scans can provide your doctor may make them essential for treating your condition. Luckily, patients who suffer from this condition may have an option that allows them to complete necessary diagnostics without suffering the intense stress of being in a confined space. 

Open MRI scans have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional closed scans. Rather than being placed in a long cylindrical tube, the patient will be placed on an open table, and the MRI scanning device is passed over the body using a robotic arm. Unfortunately, this type of scan is not offered by every provider of these services, but if this is a requirement for your needs, you may need to contact several medical service providers before you locate one that can provide this type of diagnostics. 

When you are faced with a serious medical condition, you want the best doctors and medical science working to cure you. Luckily, the modern era is filled with marvelous medical devices that have the ability to aid your doctor in fighting your condition. By understanding these two common questions about MRI scans, you will be better positioned to anticipate what this test will be like. Talk with a clinic, like Southwest Diagnostic Centers Of Colorado Springs LLC., if you have further questions or concerns.